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Today, we get this.

Passed a fellow as I walked up the hill to work a couple days ago. Out of nowhere, he said, “True! We suffer all winter. But today, we get THIS!” True that. “The Mountain” trail above Belgrade Lakes, October 2009.

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How Beautiful the Ordinary

It’s publication day for HOW BEAUTIFUL THE ORDINARY, a collection of stories of identity for young adult readers. My own story, “The Missing Person” is about being trans, and how it affected my life, and that of my family, when I was young. The collection contains work by lots of good writers, including Gregory Maguire […]

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JB in Martha Stewart Living

I wrote this piece for Martha Stewart’s Living magazine, and it appears in this month’s (October) issue. It’s about the graveyards of new england, and the “art” that appears on the headstones. If you’re having a hard time reading the text, I believe you can double-click the images, which will take you to flickr, where […]

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A week in October

Well, with the Red Sox collapse complete, it’s time to head out on the road for two short talks this week. I hope anyone who’s interested in hearing me tell the same old jokes will consider coming on out. I’ll be doing a mix of new and old material at these two events, reading from […]

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If I had a Hammer: on Peter, Paul, and Jenny

I know this is last month’s news, but it’s funny to me how moved I was to hear of the death of Mary Travers. I gotta be honest and tell you I hadn’t hauled out any Peter, Paul & Mary records for, oh, about a jillion years. Probably the last time they were on my […]

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Colby podcast: JB & “The Porcupine Woman”

Here’s the colby podcast for this week, which interviews Herself about 21 years at Colby College, about the one-woman show, “The Porcupine Woman,” and about all things There from Here. Click on this lovely link to find yourself magically transported to the podcast.

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In Nonsense is Strength…

from today’s New York Times: How Nonsense Sharpens the Intellect By BENEDICT CAREY In addition to assorted bad breaks and pleasant surprises, opportunities and insults, life serves up the occasional pink unicorn. The three-dollar bill; the nun with a beard; the sentence, to borrow from the Lewis Carroll poem, that gyres and gimbles in the wabe. […]

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Star of the Day: 10/25/69

The dark star of the day comes from this concert at Winterland, performed just a few days shy of forty years ago.  A nice, meditative, somber-at-times version, that gives way to a particularly joyful development about halfway through. To partake of these licks,  you’ll want to hit the play button on the player below, and […]

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The Country of the Two Headed Woman

© 2009 Jennifer Finney Boylan The weather in Maine for the last two weeks has been a little schizophrenic, gorgeous autumn sunshine alternating with grey, cold days that prefigure the darkness ahead.   Still, there are times when that’s just the way we like it—too much beautiful weather tends to make people a little full of […]

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from the Powell’s Books blog… Eight odd questions for JFB…

Powell’s Books is one of my favorite independent bookstores in the country. They did this deranged Q&A with me a little while ago in the run-up to my reading in one of their stores.   You can, and should, visit their blog here. Jennifer Finney Boylan is Professor of English at Colby College and the […]

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  • The Boylan Family, summer 2010

    DSC_0063 "You hang around our family, you learn all kinds of stuff."
  • Will Forte as Jennifer Finney Boylan on “Saturday Night Live”

    WiFo-Jennifer Finney Boylan-1
  • Jenny with Barbara Walters, December, 2008

  • Jenny atop Maine’s Mount Katahdin

    2036947979_34bfbec240 August, 2002.
  • Surrounded

    boylanWith President Clinton and Maine's Governor John Baldacci, fall 2006.
  • JFB and Edward Albee


    Edward had been my teacher at Johns Hopkins in the winter of 1986. He visited Colby in fall, 2007. As we took our leave of each other, he kissed me on both cheeks and said, "We have done well. You and I."

  • Jenny and her teacher, the great John Barth


    Jack was my professor at JHU when I did my thesis, back in the day. After many years, I can now confidently say I finally understand his definition of plot. Which is, of course, "the perturbation of an unstable homeostatic system and its catastrophic restoration to a new and complexified equilibrium."