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I’m Looking Through You– now on iTunes!

Thanks to my friend Mary Rae who forwarded me the info that my book, I’M LOOKING THROUGH YOU: Growing Up Haunted, is now available as an audio book on iTunes! This is the version I recorded back in January of 2008, a grueling experience actually– it was about a week in the studio, most of […]

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Rest in peace, Mike Penner

Rest in peace, Mike Penner.  The L.A. Times reported the sports writer died, apparently a suicide, this week, at age 52. Penner came out as trans at the Times in 2007, and began writing under the byline “Christine Daniels.” But this life was too hard, and she returned to being Mike Penner in 2008. I […]

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Yesterday, without warning, I made my students waffles in the midst of my English class. My son asked, “why? Why would you do this?” I asked him why he thought I would make waffles in English. He thought about it, then said, “To show them that you love them.” Yes, I told him. Once again, […]

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Support for Same-Sex Marriage by State and Age

I saw this on Helen Boyd’s blog, under the heading “The Waiting Game.”  Remarkable.

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15 Things Kurt Vonnegut said Better than Anyone Else Has, or Will.

This is a cross-post to a site called A.V. Club, but well worth passing on.  Text by By Scott Gordon, Josh Modell, Noel Murray, Tasha Robinson, And Kyle Ryan 1. “I urge you to please notice when you are happy, and exclaim or murmur or think at some point, ‘If this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is.’” The actual […]

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first look at interior sketches for Falcon Quinn

a very rough, preliminary set of sketches for the inside of Falcon Quinn and the Black Mirror.  Art by Brandon Dorman.

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Beware of the Blob

Each year at this time I fall off of a cliff.  One minute I’m walking with my family through The Apple Farm, out in Fairfield, bathed in golden autumn light. Then,  a minute later, all the leaves have been blasted out of the tree by a Nor’easter,  and it gets dark at four in the […]

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Thirty Seconds Over Wesleyland

1. Woke up this morning amid the green fields of Yale University, where I’d performed my one-woman show, “The Porcupine Woman” the night before, and then went out with friend & writer Dani Shapiro, and husband Michael.  Drink, as they say in Ireland, was taken. 2. Got in the car and drove to my alma […]

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  • The Boylan Family, summer 2010

    DSC_0063 "You hang around our family, you learn all kinds of stuff."
  • Will Forte as Jennifer Finney Boylan on “Saturday Night Live”

    WiFo-Jennifer Finney Boylan-1
  • Jenny with Barbara Walters, December, 2008

  • Jenny atop Maine’s Mount Katahdin

    2036947979_34bfbec240 August, 2002.
  • Surrounded

    boylanWith President Clinton and Maine's Governor John Baldacci, fall 2006.
  • JFB and Edward Albee


    Edward had been my teacher at Johns Hopkins in the winter of 1986. He visited Colby in fall, 2007. As we took our leave of each other, he kissed me on both cheeks and said, "We have done well. You and I."

  • Jenny and her teacher, the great John Barth


    Jack was my professor at JHU when I did my thesis, back in the day. After many years, I can now confidently say I finally understand his definition of plot. Which is, of course, "the perturbation of an unstable homeostatic system and its catastrophic restoration to a new and complexified equilibrium."