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Jennifer Finney Boylan and Julie Wilson in the studio

JFB recording the audiobook for the updated She’s Not There at Penguin Random House in January of 2016, with PRH audiobooks producer–and former student!–Juliana Wilson.

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UPDATE SUMMER 2016:  The updated SHE’S NOT THERE is now available as an audiobook from Penguin Random House!  With a new introduction, a new afterword by me bringing the story of our family up to date, and a new epilogue by my wife Deirdre “Grace.”  THIS NEW AUDIO EDITION is read by me, AND GRACE, AND RICHARD RUSSO.  (My friendship with Russo formed part of the original story, and he wrote the original “afterword” to the book.)  All for you, and available for download here.


Stuck in the Middle with You: Parenthood in Three Genders published by Crown/Random House.  It’s about the differences between motherhood and fatherhood, and the story of our family.  My thesis is that “having a father who became a woman in turn helped my sons become better men.”  And also that “every family is a nontraditional family.”

I’ll be on book tour in spring of 2013, talking up Stuck in the Middle from coast to coast, so check out the appearances wing and please come visit if you see I’ll be in a venue near you.

Here are some links to purchase the book:

from Amazon;  as an eBook from Apple;  from Barnes and Noble;  as a Kindle book;  from Indieboundas a Nook book


She’s Not There: a Life in Two Genders is now available in a new, 10th anniversary edition.  The updated edition includes a new preface and a new afterward by JFB, bringing the story up to date and letting readers know the adventures of the Boylan in the years since the book’s original publication.  A special bonus in the updated edition is the inclusion of another afterward to the book by Jenny’s wife Deirdre (known as “Grace” in the book), who talks about the challenges the couple faced, and the love they share.



She’s Not There tells the story of the way the arc of gender affected its author, as she morphed, over the course of a long life, from James to Jenny; of the effect of that change on the author’s friend Richard Russo, who found his friendship changed from an alliance of two guys to something very different; and, above all, of the effect of that change on the woman James married, and Jenny still loves, Deirdre “Grace” Boylan.

The updated She’s Not There can be ordered here:  from Amazon; as an iBook from Apple ; from Barnes and Noble; as a Kindle book; from Indiebound;  and as a Nook book.  The brand new audiobook edition, read by me AND my wife Deirdre Grace, AND my friend, Richard Russo (winner of the Pultzer Prize for literature) can be downloaded from Penguin Random House HERE.


I’m Looking Through You: Growing Up Haunted tells the story of growing up in an allegedly haunted house.  It examines the way people can be haunted by their pasts, and suggests that making peace with the people we have been, and the people we have become, is what leads to a sense of equilibrium and peace.
I’m Looking Through You is essentially the second book of the Boylan gender trilogy begun  in She’s Note There and concluded in Stuck in the Middle with You.
It can be purchased here:  through Amazon. from Apple; from Barnes and Noble; as a Kindle Book; from Indiebound; and as a Nook book.
Finally, you can click here to go to the Falcon Quinn pages, and find links to purchase this JFB series about young people, monsters, and finding the courage to become yourself.
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