abc_boylan_son_081113_mnReaders wishing to correspond with the author are encouraged to drop a line to:

JB (at), or to write to her via

Jenny Boylan
English Department, Barnard College, 3009 Broadway, New York, NY 10027.

Jenny is represented by Kristine Dahl at ICM, Inc., who may be contacted via, or (212) 556-5686.

For public speaking engagements, Jenny is represented by the Random House Speakers bureau; her rep there is Wade Lucas, who may be contacted directly at   If  you don’t hear back, or if you’d rather just write JFB directly, write  JB (at); please put “Speaking Engagement” in the Subject line.  It’s possible that venues unable to pay the usual exorbitant fee might be able to reduce costs by bundling into the book tour.  Talk to Wade.

Jenny tries  to respond to every reader who writes to her, although there are times when the IN Box gets so full that this becomes a challenge.  If you don’t get a response, do try again.  In as polite a manner as possible, she would like to let students who are doing term papers on her work know that she is not generally well-disposed towards answering questions that her books themselves ought to provide.  And even more pointedly, she would like to remind folks who are going through their own issues that she is but an English teacher and that outside of the so-called “gift” of her own writing, she may not have much useful insight for you; while she is eager to offer people love and support, it’s also true that most cries for help are best addressed by a qualified therapist close at hand.   I hope this seems fair enough to you; I do want readers to know how sincerely grateful I am for their attention, their generosity, and their love, and I wish everyone the best of luck for hope and solace on their own adventures.