Psychology Today Blog

I have a blog over at the Psychology Today site.  This page provides a set of links to those entries.

“Soldiering On” August 21, 2013. On Chelsea Manning and transgender identity.

I”ll Give You Something to Cry About.” May 19, 2013.  A trip to the Ann Frank House stopped me short, and made me consider what lay ahead for myself, and for my family.

In the Early Morning Rain.” February 19, 2013. Like a lot of transgender people, I reached a point during my early years at which I considered taking my life.  In this story, I recall a trip I took to Nova Scotia, and how I found my way home.

“We Can’t Call You Daddy if You’re Going to be a Girl” January 22, 2012.  After transition from male to female, I continued to worry about the effect of that transition on my young sons.  Then they found a name to call me.

“Does Having a Transgender Parent Make Sons into Better Men?January 15, 2013. The first entry in the series, this blog posting recalls the ascension of Mt. Katahdin in Maine with my wife Deedie (“Grace”) and my sons in late August 2012, just as our family stood at the cusp of another change for us all.