photos/press kit

These two hi-rez photos may be downloaded for free for use in reviews & other media. . Click photo to download. Please credit © 2007 Photos by James Bowdoin.

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Reporters are also guided to the bio page here which contains a wide range of useful facts.  Anyone needing a thumbnail biography is welcome to use the one in the right hand column of the main welcome page.


You know the drill: click on the thumbnails to see a larger photo.  All of these photos may be used in reviews and other publicity materials related to my work. Please credit © 2012 Jennifer Finney Boylan.

Top row, l to r: Jenny and former teacher Edward Albee, Colby College, 2007; JB in New York, 2006; JB with President Clinton and Maine Governor John Baldacci.

Second row, l to r: Head Shot for ILTY, 2007, with Richard Russo at Colby, 2002; James Boylan at Vent Haven, the museum for retired ventrioloquists’ dummies, 1982.

Third row: l to r: Boylan family, fall 2007;  JB on Easter Island for Conde Nast Traveler magazine, 2006; at the tomb of Edgar Allen Poe, Baltimore, 2004.

Fourth row: l to r: The author photo for SNoT, 2002; Young JB with painting of then-namesake, grampa James; and on stage at Town Hall in Seattle performing “My Avatar”, March 2009.

Fifth row: With Frankenstein (left), 2004. And photographed by the AP at home in Belgrade (2008) for a story on what they called “Jennifer Boylan’s Quiet Transgender Revolution.”  Which, as Dave Barry used to say, “wouldn’t be a bad name for a band.”

There are also a number of entertaining videos here.