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“A Freshman All Over Again” — JFB column in New York Times, August 23, 2012

This op/ed appeared Thursday, August 23rd.  I was substituting for Nicholas Kristof. A Freshman All Over Again by Jennifer Finney Boylan Thirty-six years ago, my mother and father pulled up in front of a dormitory at Wesleyan University in a cream-colored Oldsmobile Omega. “At last!” my mother declared. “College!” From the back seat, I glowered […]

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“What Kind of Times are These?” On Adrienne Rich and Trans-Misogyny

This piece of mine ran last week in the Chronicle of Higher Education’s online blog, “Tenured Radical,” hosted by historian Claire Potter. What Kind of Times are These? © Jennifer Finney Boylan Last week, as prelude to an evening of poetry,  my colleague Peter Harris– a writer and a professor here at Colby College–gave a […]

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JFB Keynoting N.E. Women’s Studies Ass’n Conference 3/31

Hey, New England Fem-a-teers.  I’m delivering the keynote address this Saturday, March 31, at 12:30 PM, at the New England Womens’ Studies Association Conference.  The talk title is “STUCK IN THE MIDDLE WITH YOU: Parenthood in Three Genders.” The theme of this years conference is:  IDENTITY • MEMORY • TESTIMONY Here’s a link to the […]

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What Trans Activists Can Learn from New York

Amid all the cheering about marriage equality in New York State, it’s worth remembering that transgender people continue to lag far behind our gay brothers and sisters in the fight for equal rights.  In 36 states, I can still be fired for being my own damned self, and here in Maine we only narrowly defeated […]

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In Memoriam, Charles Walker Bassett.

To the Colby Community: I write, with great sadness, to inform you that Charles W. Bassett died last night after a long bout with cancer. Charlie came to Colby in 1969 as an assistant professor of English and a scholar of American literature, and I hardly need to tell anyone receiving this message what a […]

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On waffles and waffling. And the heart. And writing. And waffles.

This post was written for the Inside Colby blog by my student, Annelise Wiersema. It probably speaks for itself. Waffling and Writing Annelise Wiersema ’10 on November 17, 2009 First, Jenny put down the eggs and milk on the seminar table. Our class stared at her, waiting for the analogy. Jenny Boylan’s a fairly eccentric […]

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On to Atlanta!

So my one-woman show, THE PORCUPINE WOMAN, rocked at Colby College’s Strider Theatre on the 11th and 12th of September. I’ll spare you the self-regarding details and just say that I was really happy with how it went; that I was grateful to Colby’s Lynne Connor for directing the show; and that once again venturing […]

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  • The Boylan Family, summer 2010

    DSC_0063 "You hang around our family, you learn all kinds of stuff."
  • Will Forte as Jennifer Finney Boylan on “Saturday Night Live”

    WiFo-Jennifer Finney Boylan-1
  • Jenny with Barbara Walters, December, 2008

  • Jenny atop Maine’s Mount Katahdin

    2036947979_34bfbec240 August, 2002.
  • Surrounded

    boylanWith President Clinton and Maine's Governor John Baldacci, fall 2006.
  • JFB and Edward Albee


    Edward had been my teacher at Johns Hopkins in the winter of 1986. He visited Colby in fall, 2007. As we took our leave of each other, he kissed me on both cheeks and said, "We have done well. You and I."

  • Jenny and her teacher, the great John Barth


    Jack was my professor at JHU when I did my thesis, back in the day. After many years, I can now confidently say I finally understand his definition of plot. Which is, of course, "the perturbation of an unstable homeostatic system and its catastrophic restoration to a new and complexified equilibrium."