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Having a Father who Became a Woman Helped Make My Sons into Better Men

This is a piece I wrote for the Advocate–my first for them–about the new series, TRANSPARENT, and about being a trans parent. IT ran on September 23, 2014. Over and over, during my time of transition, I kept hearing those same damning words: “What a terrible thing for her boys.” The only phrase I heard […]

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Boylans on the TODAY Show: “The gender of parents is less important than the love in the family.”

Here’s my wife Deedie (“Grace”) and my son Zach and me on the TODAY Show, Friday May 3, 2013, talking about my new book, STUCK IN THE MIDDLE WITH YOU, and “parenthood in three genders.” Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy May 3, 2013 at 10:27 AM ET Best-selling […]

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Publication day for STUCK IN THE MIDDLE WITH YOU!

Here at last comes the new book.  Look for us on the TODAY SHOW this Friday morning between 8 and 9, and on ROCK CENTER WITH BRIAN WILLIAMS that night.  Likewise gird yourself for a spread in PEOPLE coming out on Wednesday, and interviews and articles in yahoo.com, and The Atlantic, all coming next week. […]

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JFB notes from all over: Early Spring 2013

Greetings from Belgrade Lakes, from the heart of a busy spring.  Next up is a visit to the University of Maine, in Orono, for two events on Thursday March 21st: First up, a guest lecture in Professor Caron’s Sexuality class, at 12:30 in DPCorbett.  Then, at 3 PM, I’ll be giving a public lecture in […]

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When Hogwarts was called “The Moon:” on the 50th Anniversary of the flight of Friendship 7

February 20th marks the 50th anniversary of the flight of Colonel John Glenn, the first American to orbit the Earth. My sons, who are fifteen and seventeen, do not know who he is. This was made abundantly clear during a recent family trip to Florida, when one day, between our time at Animal Kingdom and […]

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Boylans in Yellowstone

A flashback to five years ago this summer, when the Boylans travelled to Wyoming. July 2005 Like most Mainers, we draw courage in the face of adversity from the idea of a perfect, invincible summer.  No matter what else befalls us during the year, we know that by mid-June we will be among the most […]

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Boylans on Oprah

The Oprah show that my family and I were on last spring re-runs today, Monday, I believe. You could check it out if you wanted. The good news is that we were among “Oprah’s Most Memorable Guests.” The bad news is that the other “memorable’ guests included lying Ted Haggard, the Texas Polygamist Wives, the […]

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  • The Boylan Family, summer 2010

    DSC_0063 "You hang around our family, you learn all kinds of stuff."
  • Will Forte as Jennifer Finney Boylan on “Saturday Night Live”

    WiFo-Jennifer Finney Boylan-1
  • Jenny with Barbara Walters, December, 2008

  • Jenny atop Maine’s Mount Katahdin

    2036947979_34bfbec240 August, 2002.
  • Surrounded

    boylanWith President Clinton and Maine's Governor John Baldacci, fall 2006.
  • JFB and Edward Albee


    Edward had been my teacher at Johns Hopkins in the winter of 1986. He visited Colby in fall, 2007. As we took our leave of each other, he kissed me on both cheeks and said, "We have done well. You and I."

  • Jenny and her teacher, the great John Barth


    Jack was my professor at JHU when I did my thesis, back in the day. After many years, I can now confidently say I finally understand his definition of plot. Which is, of course, "the perturbation of an unstable homeostatic system and its catastrophic restoration to a new and complexified equilibrium."