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Angus King/Jennifer Finney Boylan interview: complete text

I interviewed Maine Independent Senatorial candidate Angus King on June 8, 2012.  An op/ed column based on this interview ran in the New York Times on June 12.  Below is the opening of the interview.  The full conversation can be read here. Gov. Angus King: Okay.  Let’s go. Jenny Boylan: Let’s talk about Chamberlain.  The […]

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The Colonel & the Governor: JFB column in New York Times

June 11, 2012, 9:52 PM The Colonel and the Governor By JENNIFER FINNEY BOYLAN I had last seen Angus King standing on the shores of Maine’s Casco Bay, reading from the autobiography of Col. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain. This was at a benefit for Maine writers and publishers back in 2009. Chamberlain, a revered figure in […]

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Twelve Sounds of Winter in Maine

You don’t survive in Maine very long if you don’t make peace with winter.   I love warm days and sunny skies as well as the next gal,  but I have to say I have come to love the heart of January in my home state.  After summer it may be my favorite time of […]

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JFB in NYT: This Astronomical Recession

This op/ed column appeared on August 5, 2011.  It was the first of a month of “guest columns” for the New York Times.  I was substituting for David Brooks for August, a substitution which itself is not without its own pleasures.–JFB OP-ED COLUMNIST This Astronomical Recession By JENNIFER FINNEY BOYLAN Published: August 4, 2011 Belgrade […]

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Video of JFB testimony to Maine Judiciary Committee

This is the three minutes of testimony I provided to the Maine Judiciary Committee, which was considering the bill to exempt transgender Mainers from the Human Rights act. This is part 3 of four videos that cover the entire testimony. If you want to study the whole process, you could begin with part one, below, […]

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JFB testimony to the Maine Judiciary Committee: “The ‘Wacky’ Professor”

Yesterday, I spoke to the Maine legislature’s Judiciary committee. A bill has been proposed to “exempt” transgender people from protections under the Maine Human Rights Act, which went into effect six years ago. Currently, Maine protects GLBT people from discrimination, and this includes a so called “public accommodations” provision of the very sort that was, […]

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Magic Eight Ball Reveals the Future

I spent this New Year’s Eve safely at home, hunkered down with the family and a couple of friends.   I’ve done New Years in a variety of venues—on a rooftop in Manhattan, in the streets of Cork, Ireland—but home is best.  At home, at the very least, you can be certain that no one is […]

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Boylans in Yellowstone

A flashback to five years ago this summer, when the Boylans travelled to Wyoming. July 2005 Like most Mainers, we draw courage in the face of adversity from the idea of a perfect, invincible summer.  No matter what else befalls us during the year, we know that by mid-June we will be among the most […]

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The Writers’ Mise en Place

Facebook friend (and New Yorker writer) Susan Orlean is up at the Macdowell Colony, I think, if I’m following the “updates” properly… Mcdowell being one of those places where writers go to be surrounded by absolute quiet and to focus on their work. This got me thinking about my own writing-space, which is funny because […]

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Postcard from Maine

Down at the town wharf, eatin lobstah rolls, watching the fishing boats go out. We nipped into the Harraseeket lobster shack while waiting for Seans last soccer game to start.

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  • The Boylan Family, summer 2010

    DSC_0063 "You hang around our family, you learn all kinds of stuff."
  • Will Forte as Jennifer Finney Boylan on “Saturday Night Live”

    WiFo-Jennifer Finney Boylan-1
  • Jenny with Barbara Walters, December, 2008

  • Jenny atop Maine’s Mount Katahdin

    2036947979_34bfbec240 August, 2002.
  • Surrounded

    boylanWith President Clinton and Maine's Governor John Baldacci, fall 2006.
  • JFB and Edward Albee


    Edward had been my teacher at Johns Hopkins in the winter of 1986. He visited Colby in fall, 2007. As we took our leave of each other, he kissed me on both cheeks and said, "We have done well. You and I."

  • Jenny and her teacher, the great John Barth


    Jack was my professor at JHU when I did my thesis, back in the day. After many years, I can now confidently say I finally understand his definition of plot. Which is, of course, "the perturbation of an unstable homeostatic system and its catastrophic restoration to a new and complexified equilibrium."