jim_youngbig Here’s a short collection of videos of me talking about, or reading from, my work. ┬áThere will be lots of new material in support of STUCK IN THE MIDDLE WITH YOU added in months to come, promise!

Video Tour of JB\’s house for I\’M LOOKING THROUGH YOU

JB speaking for the No Dumb Questions site:

A Book Tour Minute, from I’m Looking Through You:

How to Tell a Story, by JB (for the No Dumb Questions site)

The videos which follow are essentially home movies, with my son as cameraman. Note the wobbling and the shaking of the camera, which allegedly is part of the homespun charm.

Jenny reading from She’s Not There: A Life in Two Genders

Jenny reading from I’m Looking Through You: Liberty, Family, and Gender:

Wonders of the Modern World: A reading from ILTY by JB:

“Imagining Jenny” by Richard Russo, read by JB (from the afterword to She’s Not There)